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             opening a hair salon   Ben Barker presents...

The Complete Guide To Hair Salon profits:

“How To Multiply Your Salon Profits Within 2 Weeks... And Stop Your Bored Stylists From Walking Out And Working For Your Competition Across The Street...”

...Now You Too Can Compete With The Toughest Competition, And Start Stuffing Money Back Into Your Own Cash Register From Today Forwards.

It all started when you became a skilled hairdresser. You loved meeting people, you loved showing off your creative flair.

Then after a while, you noticed how much money your boss - the salon owner - was wedging into his cash register every day. That's when you realized that you were on the wrong side of the fence!

So, you made a smart and brave move and started your own salon.

With your name above the door, staff working hard for you and respecting you, friends and family being proud of you... it was a great lifestyle, right?

Sadly, before long, the reality struck...

Running a successful salon wasn't going to be as easy as you had imagined.

Now your salon is barely breaking even. You have unmotivated staff slouching around the salon, complaining that there is no work and how bored they are.

If business doesn't pick up soon, then you know you are going to lose your well trained, expert stylists (and often good friends) to the local competition across the street.

Your dream has suddenly turned into a stressful nightmare.

But like all nightmares, your current situation can be ended with a quick wake up call. That's why, in the next few minutes...

I'm Going To Show You A Modern Day Salon Marketing System That Is Fast, Can Be Done On A Shoestring Budget,
And Is Very Easy To Implement...

hair salon profitsA system which allows your salon to run much more smoothly, with much higher profits, less advertising costs, and more repeat business.

A system which turns you into the talk of the town... and the envy of your harsh competition across the street.

A system that even the most down and out, ready to quit, barely breaking even salon owners can roll out, rinse and repeat and wash away the stress of a struggling salon after putting it into action.

It's also very affordable, easy and quick, and will allow you to start turning the profits back on in a snip.

And no, it's not about spending thousands on newspaper ads or Yellow Pages listings that don't work.

It's not about damaging your business with sales and discounts (that's a huge "nail in the coffin" mistake for most salon owners.)

This is not some system that has been rehashed from the 90's. It's a set of modern day marketing techniques that will...

  • Bring in new customers with little to NO extra cost
  • Keep customer loyalty higher than ever before
  • Get more people recommending you to their friends
  • Allow you to stand out from the competition no matter how big and powerful they are
  • Take the pressure off you, by getting other people to build your business for you (including your competitors, believe it or not)
  • Give you profit and time to open more salons over the coming years

And that means...

  • No more lying awake at night worrying how the bills are going to be paid.
  • No more stressful days of low footfall or head counts.
  • No more borrowing to pay your overheads.
  • No more guilt or worries about laying off your best stylists or worse still, letting them fall into the hands of your competition.

It's time to put your business back on target. It's time to start making the kind of money that your old salon boss was making... where your dream began, remember?

And it all starts with...

The Golden Rules Of Salon Profits:

Marketing: Don't waste money on advertising, until you can afford to test it. Use your profits to roll out small local ads, but don't take the risk until you can afford to. Traditional advertising is not as effective in 2011, so beware!

Customers: Money back guarantees don't matter to customers... all they care about is a comfortable experience, and feeling great when they walk out. Get it wrong once, and you'll probably never have a second chance.

Competition: What makes your salon worth visiting over that big brand across the street? What can you offer that they can't? What happens if they introduce a new line of products or services... will you be able to quickly adapt? The more unique you are, and the more flexible and open to change you are, the less you will have to worry about competition.

Pricing: Sales and discounts seldom save a business. If anything, they make your salon look cheap and desperate. Use promotions and events, not sales. If you need to cut costs, do it from the supply end, don't take it out of the profits or staff wages.

Cost Containment: If something isn't generating profit or is a time suck, then drop it. Look at what is making the biggest margins and really make that a central point of your business.

Debt: Cash flow kills more businesses than anything else. If you have to borrow, make sure you have a realistic plan for repayments. If you're borrowing just to keep your business above water, then you need a new marketing plan, fast.

Losses: What isn't generating a profit? Breaking even is ok, but you can't afford regular monthly losses to continue. Look at your financial reports and records, and see what needs to go. Don't be sentimental or emotionally attached; just drop whatever is sucking money out of your business. Then focus more time and money on pushing the thing that are working instead.

But that's not enough. There's something else you should know if you want to turn your salon around in record time...

The Average Salon Only Keeps 30%-50% Of The First Time Clients Who Walk Through The Door.

Which means that if you can control who comes in, you can significantly increase your repeat customer base.

You know this already, but do you know how it's done?

Well, if not, then let's get into the real deep and dark secrets of a profitable salon.

First, let’s cover some tips for holding onto more customers...

1. You need a website (or a better one)

The web is no longer just about worldwide companies anymore. Local searches dominate the search engines every day.

People want to do some research on your salon before they book these days. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself hands free.

All you need to do is include some basic info: hours, prices, location, contact info, staff names, payments accepted, products you carry. There are many inexpensive website builders/designers out there today.

Want to cut down staff costs and calls? Then set up an online booking system that takes care of all your incoming call bookings. It's not that hard to do, and a web programmer can set this up for a reasonable price.

There's actually a lot of premade solutions that you can ask a programmer to install, which would drastically cut the costs even further. Just tell them that you don't need a solution built, and that they can use a premade booking system that integrates into your own site.

2. Do something wacky

Some salons let their customers have a "duvet day" where they come in wearing pyjamas. It sounds silly, but these kinds of quirks give your salon personality and get people talking about you in a good way.

3. Be smart with any paid advertising

High profile, upper class clients are not interested in sales or discounts. Middle class clients are not able to drop in during working hours.

You need to send the right message to the right demographic for the best response. Do you know who your main target demographic is? If so, what would appeal to them the most?

How can you make it easier for them to make a booking and come in? Where do they hang out and work? Knowing these things will allow you to find ways of reaching them directly, and speaking their language.

4. Get a better accountant

You haven't got time to worry about someone you don't trust. You haven't got time to do it yourself. A good accountant can really put money back in your pocket each month... money that could be well spent on advertising or marketing to get more repeat customers.

There's so much more, this is just the start.

But the good news is...

You Already Have What It Takes!
Now Here's The Key To Unlock It...

It's really not hard to build and keep a profitable salon once you start to use your natural creativity and flair that you already have deep down.

Some of the tips above might be enough for some salon owners to stand a chance, but they are only the basics.

We haven't even begun to uncover the real, underground, street level secrets that your competition is using.

And that's what you are missing...

The proven blueprints to actually take your salon from barely surviving to truly thriving.

And not just one off jackpots, but daily repeat customers and month on month profit soaring. More bookings, busy staff, bills paid on time.

Today, I'd like to give you that missing blueprint so you can save your salon from going under.

Allow me to present...

Your Complete Guide To Increasing Your Salon Profits...
Even On A Shoestring Budget!

business plan of a salon

I've already given you some very real advice that works, but I know you want and need more.

You need a competitive edge if you want your salon doors open next week, next month, next year.

You can't just do the same old, obvious and expensive methods and expect a flurry of new customers like magic.

You need something that works today, in 2013 and beyond. Why? Because people have more choice than ever these days, and they are starting to tune their eyes and ears out of advertising... because there's so much of it.

That's why I have created a full A-Z guide which walks you through modern day marketing and PR techniques to get more people calling your salon and booking an appointment today.

We're not talking about throwing away thousands on a Yellow Pages ad here. We're not talking about giving discounts and sales which cut into your profits either.

Those methods should be left behind in the 90's. They won't cut it into today's fiercely competitive world.

Today, you need a mix of psychological tactics, persuasion, loyalty building devices, word of mouth triggers... things that your competition are clueless about.

Inside the guide below, that is exactly what you will be getting...

...along with a wide range of tools to get people talking about your salon, coming back every month, paying more than usual, buying more products, finding you over the competition, and staying loyal for life.

So Let's Get A Little More Specific. Here's What I'll Be Sharing With You In More Detail:

  • What turns most potential customers off when it comes to your business, before they even make an appointment... and how to solve this problem with little to zero money involved (often in less than a couple of days)
  • Why your staff could be killing your profits, despite being the best stylists in town... and over seven ways to turn these overlooked problems around
  • How to pull your staff out of their current low mood and attitude, so you can portray a positive, professional image (this is crucial for your business and your reputation)
  • Why worrying about styling and book-keeping is distracting you from the real problems that YOU could be personally causing in your salon
  • Why customers don't care about their great new hairstyle as much as they care about the _____, and why this could be ruining your salon
  • What does it really mean to give your customer an experience, and not just a new hairstyle? Find out what it is, and how the pros do it
  • 7 proven and cheap ways to instantly boost your salon's reputation in the local community, and getting people to sell their friends on your salon
  • Is something as simple as your salon name actually killing your business cold? Find out inside...
  • How to spread the word using the internet and business cards, the right way
  • A cheap and simple way to increase customer loyalty by giving your customers ______ when they leave the salon, which practically forces them to come back at least once more, and makes your name stick in their heads!
  • How to turn your reception/waiting room into a customer seducing honey trap... using a mix of social proof, branding, comfort and style to really "lock in" your customer to become a fan of your salon... and to truly remember the whole experience at the same time (this is gold dust!)
  • How to turn your under-booked services into your key selling points for any advertising you do... or simply for up-selling customers who are already sat in your salon
  • The secret of turning bored, surplus salon staff into useful marketing assistants that create an unbeatable experience for your current customers in the salon (this really gets people talking about you!)
  • A simple trick for getting people to tell their friends about you, and how to use _______ to create powerful social proof and testimonials that they want to share with friends, family and even complete strangers (this really is out of the box stuff, but it works really well!)
  • A fool proof and proven system for getting real, authentic and detailed testimonials from delighted customers... so you can increase your business, persuade more people to make a booking, become sought after, and even increase your chances of getting a business loan (all is explained inside)
  • How to literally explode your business within a couple of months, and without a penny spent on advertising, using an automated online system that brings loyal customers back in one click (yes, it really is that simple... and companies like Maceys, Disney, Vue Cinemas, and even local butchers and book-stores are paying thousands to have this done for them, but now you can do it yourself for free!)
  • How to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that sets you apart from the competition and gives people a reason to choose your salon over theirs every time... including real examples
  • A simple, cheap and fast promotional method for establishing your salon as the most professional in town, as well as being the place to be for style conscious local residents... by tapping into what they care about the most (hint = it's NOT about them or their hair!)
  • My sneaky trick for getting local newspapers to give you FREE column inches and FREE advertising
  • How to create newsworthy events and then make local papers, radio stations and even local news TV stations give you thousands worth of free advertising and PR as a result (hint = you can't just have an open day and expect people to flock to your salon)
  • Another sneaky system for tapping into your potential customers, but through the power of children this time... (this is very untapped, and it has a double barrel promotional effect for short and long term gain)
  • My full portfolio boosting system... how to start, manage and promote your portfolio online for more customers. I'll even show you how to get around customers who don't want their picture taken, but you still want to show off your latest work and styles
  • How to find dirt cheap (or sometimes totally FREE) models for all your promotional campaigns, advertising, salon literature, website images etc.
  • How to get a new website up and running quickly, even if you're not technical... so that you can bring in floods of local searchers looking for their local salon
  • How to get your new or existing website to the top of Google, so you can get the biggest slice of internet users finding your site and making a booking (this is probably the best free source of advertising you'll ever experience)
  • The one website I use called _______ which is jam packed with potential new customers looking for businesses like yours every day
  • How to run cheap, small budget ads online where you only ever pay when someone clicks and visits your site to make a booking (this is a great technique once you have the profits to play with)
  • The secret of social media online... how to tap into the websites that your customers are using every day, and get your business right under their noses without being a pest or annoying advertiser
  • Video gold: How most salon owners are totally overlooking one of the biggest websites on planet Earth ( and why - when done right - it can be one of the best FREE advertising and branding methods you will ever have access to
  • Making flyers and distributing them for mere pennies... a simple system that works, and brings in new customers each month along with serious branding for your salon
  • How to tap into a certain group of people that will literally be "walking, talking billboards" for your salon... and are not just a great demographic for representing your new styles, but also are able to reach your perfect target customers
  • A full system for re-opening a salon the right way... including in-store tips, local press and a unique reason for the re-open (get this wrong, and you probably won't get a second chance with this method in the future)
  • Lucrative handshakes... how to partner up with specific local businesses that are overflowing with your potential customers... real customers who are more than likely looking for a new hairstyle today! You can even use this technique to steal customers from your biggest competitor too...
  • How to turn your employees into a driven sales force... using incentives, competitions and prizes
  • Radio ga-ga... how to get free promotions and publicity from local radio stations, and getting new customers without the usual ignored advertising methods that people tune out of their ears

And really, there's just so much more inside... including dozens of tricks, tips, short-cuts, resources and ways to save money and time in the process.

And in case you were wondering, here is...

Why It's So Easy And Quick
(And Why This Guide Works So Well...)

You will find this guide effective because...

  • salon business plansIt is NOT about spending thousands on useless advertising
  • It is NOT about slashing prices and running sales
  • It is NOT about downsizing or firing staff
  • It shares the same underground marketing techniques used by the top 10% of successful salons in the country
  • It uses a mixture of clever sales and persuasion devices to entice people into your salon for the first time, and keep them coming back for more
  • It allows you to actually RAISE prices, pick and choose your customers, become an exclusive service and never worry about sales slumps again
  • It brings in loyal, lifelong repeat customers for FREE (most of the time)
  • It sets you apart from the competition, even if you basically offer the same service and experience... and even if your salon isn't as "fancy" or as big as theirs

Which means...

Finally You Will Be Able To:

  • Know exactly how much profit you will be making this month, next month and all year... so you can get better funding, sleep at night, and avoid laying off and losing your best stylists
  • Grow your salon's business and invest profits (or easily get a low rate loan) to open a new branch in a different location
  • Spend less time bailing the water out of your sinking ship, and actually enjoy the lifestyle, the money and the freedom that owning a successful salon business can offer you
  • Save yourself some grey hairs and early wrinkles... by cutting out the choking stress of trying to save a dying business

When you put it all together, it's safe to say...

No Other Method, Solution Or Service Comes Close To This. Here's Why...

It saves you time and money... no more wasting cash on advertising that doesn't work, no more spending all your time and energy on products and services that are losing you cash.

It uses techniques that your competition aren't using... you don't need to spend thousands on adverts, or have a global brand name to succeed with your salon. You simply need a way to reach new customers cost effectively, and keep them coming back over and over.

It doesn't require outside consultants or companies... some marketing and PR companies will cost you several small loans before you see your first new customer as a result. This system you're getting today is practically free in comparison, and it usually delivers far more measurable results.

You can get started today... no waiting for months of meetings to take place, no waiting for the post to arrive, no back and forth phone calls. You can literally pick this up today and start picking out new tricks and methods to get more customers through your door tomorrow.

There's zero risk... you won't risk a single penny with your investment in this program, unlike many other services which charge thousands, and certainly don't offer the same kind of reassurance or guarantee.

How To Get Started:

To grab this COMPLETE salon profit blueprint, there's a download link below. Once you've clicked that link, you'll be taken to the order screen to make a secure payment.

Download Link Below

You will then be sent to a  Thank You page with the simple download instructions within seconds.

That means you can literally get started today... no waiting for the postman for the next few days!

The material is available to read online so simply download to your computer, or print off. So no matter what, you'll always have a backup copy if you need it.

So there's one last question for you...

What Price Would You Put On Saving At Least One Profitable, Respected, Popular And Buzzing Salon This Year?

What would it mean if you lost your current business? Could you cope with going back to a regular day job taking orders from someone else?

Just think of all the admin and waiting time to set up another salon in the future. It's far easier to hold onto what you've got, than trying to build it all back up from scratch again, right?

And besides, it won't be so easy next time around... as lenders won't be so keen to back you after a first failed attempt.

On the other hand, what would it mean if you kept your current business, and you found just ten new regular customers this month?

This system is more than capable of getting you an extra ten customers per month. So look at the numbers and see if it makes sense...


Month #No of New Customers #Total No of Repeat Customers Total New Revenue (Ave of $150 per customer
1 10 10 $1500
2 10 20 $3000
3 10 30 $4500

That puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Seriously, those numbers are conservative when you use this system. But even so, what would an extra $4500 in revenue do for your business?

What's the worst case scenario?

Maybe you only get five new customers as a result of this. What does that compare to potentially losing five more customers by not taking action instead?

What's it worth to you, personally? What does that success offer you, your friends and your family?

Maybe you're not the only one riding on your salon's success. Maybe you have mouths to feed. Maybe you just can't stand being labelled as a failure?

What would life look like with a wildly profitable salon buzzing away in the background? All that free time, extra cash, excitement, pride. Those are worth fighting for, right?

What if you ended up with two or three salons? How much money would that make you? What would you do with that money? Do you think life would start to look a bit different, and feel different, with that kind of money rolling in each day?

With all that in mind, wouldn't you say its worth a little bit of spare pocket change to invest in my guide?

Of course it is! Right?

Well The Good News Is, With This Guide, You'll Be Able To Get There Without Spending Hundreds...

...and without spending months wasting time and money on old advertising methods that no longer work.

salon marketing plaIn fact, the entire guide is only going to be $17 for you today.

I would - and should - charge more.

However, the truth is that I know the last thing you need is another hefty bill. It's not fair to ask for huge sums of money when you're in a bind already.

Besides, the way I see it, you'll like it so much that you'll want to hire me or buy more services and products from me in the future. Either way, there's no obligation or pressure.

Just give it a shot and see what happens.

But despite how small the investment is, I'd still like to make sure you are totally happy and protected, with this...Guarantee

“You Turn Your Salon Profits Around In 60 Days,
Or You Pay NOTHING...

Instant Access Now

Order safely through ClickBank

Grab your copy today, and follow the simple steps I have created for you.

I'll give you an entire 60 days to give it a fair shot. If you don't like it, or can't get going for whatever reason - or even for no reason at all - then simply shoot me a quick email and tell me you're not paying for it.

I won't ask you any weird questions or try to convince you to change your mind. You'll pay nothing, and there will be no hard feelings.

I know this guarantee will be abused by the occasional person, but it's the only way I can prove to you that I really do stand behind my claims and this system.

I mean, think about it...

If this was a piece of junk, why would I offer such a solid guarantee? There's only one reason I'm offering this risk free trial...

... because I know you'll love it and I wouldn't be able to buy it back off you at twice the price!

But I'll let YOU be the judge of that, once you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you showed your friends and family what you're capable of? Isn't it time you put your own stress levels to bed, and finally got a good night's sleep?

If so, then...

Here's How You Can Get Instant Access Today:

To grab this COMPLETE guide to Marketing For Hair Salons system, there's an order button below. Once you've clicked that button, you'll be taken to the order screen to make a secure payment.

You will then be able to download your Ebook within seconds. That means you can literally get started today... no waiting for the postman for the next few days!

The material is available to read online and to download to your computer. So no matter what, you'll always have a backup copy if you need it.

"The Complete Guide To Hair Salon Profits"


Marketing for salon owners

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Ben Barker


And with a 60 day risk free trial, you can simply give it a shot and see how quick and easy it is to turn your salon around in record time.

Give it a test drive and see what happens. There's no pressure. What's the worst that can happen? You only get a few more clients this month... which could translate into a few extra hundred a month in profit? For such a small investment of just $17, is that really such a bad deal?

Just remember, it's far easier to keep a business alive than it is trying to start again... there's just too much hassle, admin, begging the banks (who won't touch you with a 10ft stick the second time around.)

You don't want that, neither do I. So give this a shot and see what happens instead. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you will start to see the cash coming back in.

There's obviously a lot riding on your success... not just the pride and freedom for yourself, but the pressure of friends and family to support too. If not for yourself, do it for them. Do it for the quality time you'll be able to spend with them.

Who knows, this time next year, you could be sat on three or four new salons and on your way to the big league. Can you imagine what that would do for your self-confidence, mood and welfare?

Get started today, and see how far you can go.